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      • 7 things to do on rainy days

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7 things to do on rainy days

Unfortunately, the sun cannot always be with us. Here is a short list of activities you can do in case of bad weather, so you can have fun even if clouds are filling the sky.

1) Enjoy one of the many museums of the region which show the creative local culture.


2) Come take shelter in an art gallery or a handcrafted boutique to bring light in your day!


3) No matter the temperature, you can amaze yourself in one of the mill, still living relic of the past of the seigneurial system. You will like it for sure!

Moulin la Loraine, Centre d'art

Moulin de la Seigneurie des Aulnaies

Moulin du Portage 

Le vieux moulin de Metgermette nord


4) To take pictures or simply live a different outdoor experience, explore one of the parks or hiking trails of the region. Rainy days offer an incredible light which could make your hike unique!


5) Follow the path of the pioneers of the area by getting to know their daily living and discovering their accomplishments.

 Maison Alphonse Desjardins

Maison natale de Louis-Fréchette

Maison J-A Vachon

Lieu historique national de la maison Sir-Étienne-Paschal-Taché


6) Make the most of your day by visiting the Économusée le forgeron D'or, where the artisans will be pleased to present you their jewelleries and demonstrate the way they create them. This welcoming museum will make you forget the cloudy temperature.


7) Finish in beauty by relaxing in a health spa in one of the inspiring environment. A perfect way to rest and regain your energy.

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