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      • Mi-Carême at l'Isle-aux-Grues... in book and truth!

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Mi-Carême at l'Isle-aux-Grues... in book and truth!

Mi-Carême is a rich and coloured festival which takes place each year at Isle-aux-Grues. This festival inspired besides by the authors who benefit from the event to publish "Mi-Carême, une fête québécoise à redécouvrir".

The Mi-Carême is a masquerade which crossed time and the continents and which is still celebrated in three areas of Quebec (Coast-of-South, Island-of-the-Madeleine and Average-Coast-North) like in Acadie. The semiones take it again each year with a cheerfulness as honest as that their ancestors.

This masked festival (which lasts a few days) is a marvellous demonstration of magic, madness and creativity collective.  In order to better make known this celebration, the editions Les 400 coups published a book La Mi-Carême, une fête à redécouvrir, of Francine Saint-Laurent (texts) and Pierre Dunnigan (photographs), by living with you an ignored and coloured facet our culture. Abundantly illustrated, this book makes live the Mi-Carême with the reader, as if he were there!  A happy marriage of pleasure and knowledge!

The authors will be present to dedicate their work within the framework of the evening of closure Mi-Carême, which will take place in the Centre de la Volière saturdays evening March 18 as from 20 H.  The people present will be able to also meet the authors during the brunch Sunday, March 19 as from 10 H at the same place. The authors made a point of attending the event to personally thank the community for the Isle-with-Cranes of its cordial reception and of its participation in this work, at the time of their passage to Isle, three years ago.

120 pages - March 2006 - 36,95 $ - ISBN 2-89540-290-6
Information:  Karine St-Germain
Telephones:  (514) 381-1422 - courriel: 

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