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Love the outdoors? Discover the nature of Grosse-île

After crossing the majestic St. Lawrence River in the company of Croisières Lachance, you'll be immediately struck by the beauty of the island. No matter where you are on the island, a magnificent landscape awaits you. You'll be carried away by the singing of the birds and the smells of the island environment. What's that? A nesting site for bats? Grosse-Île is home to one of the largest colonies of these magnificent creatures. Don't be scared, they only come out after dark!

Looking to get immersed in the natural surroundings of Grosse-Île? Discover the natural diversity and richness of this island environment along the Mirador Trail. You'll come across more than 600 species of plants, including skunk cabbage, 600-year-old trees and wild garlic! During your discovery you might even chance upon snow geese, small mammals or even whitetail deer! One thing's for sure, Grosse-Île's natural richness will surprise you every step of this 2.5 kilometre trail!

Available hiking paths: their description (length, attractions to visit, lookouts, specific features of each path, services along the path)

Take a nature walk along the Mirador Trail, at the heart of a unique ecosystem between river and mountain. You'll see a combination forests, marshes and hills. According to the season, you'll also observe a large number of migrating birds. Located in the north-west sector of the island, this 2.5 km hiking path also offers three lookouts for admiring the views of the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago and Cap Tourmente. You'll need to count about 90 minutes to complete this intermediate level walk. Why not take a break for lunch along the way?