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During your visit to Grosse-Île, you're sure to be impressed by the dozens of historical buildings restored by Parks Canada artisans, the symbolic monuments that stand proudly around the island and the real-life human encounters. You'll discover the differences between a Catholic and Anglican chapel and learn about the disinfection process imposed on immigrants upon their arrival at the quarantine station. The Gaelic inscription on the Celtic cross will have no more secrets for you... and you might even find the names of your ancestors on the memorial...

The Meet the Nurse Sarah Wade experience has earned a place in the Canadian Signature Experience collection. Visitors are given a chance to put themselves in the shoes of newly-arrived immigrants at the Grosse Île quarantine station in the early 20th century. In the company of Nurse Sarah Wade and quarantine officer Georges-Éli Martineau, visitors go through the medical inspection that all immigrants were subject to at the time. Visitors agree that it is an essential part of any visit to Grosse Île.